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May 26, 2016

A Huge Step Toward Copyright Small Claims

Yesterday we met with a few key copyright representatives, who are part of PPA's on-going efforts to make a difference in Copyright regulations: Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA) and her chief of staff Linda Shim (pictured on right), Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and his IP counsel, Elaine Gin, Curtis Philp in the Office of Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), and Joe Keeley and Jason Everett, the Chief majority and minority IP counsels to the Judiciary committee. Here is a short recap:

As always, the meeting with Congresswoman Chu was excellent, as she and her office continue to work hard on copyright small claims legislation. We are very thankful to this office for their continued strong partnership with PPA and the visual arts community.

We also had a very good meeting with Congressman Jeffries. His office is also working on small claims legislation! We are very appreciative of the Congressman's efforts and continued advocacy for improved Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Our meeting with Curtis Philp was also very encouraging. Congressman Smith was one of the earliest supporters of the idea of copyright small claims. We know that his office will continue to be supportive of IP protection issues and we will remain in contact with them moving forward in order to further advance copyright protection for photographers.

Our meetings with Joe Keeley and Jason Everett were extremely informative. They shared with us ideas for setting up small claims legislation for success and even suggested some specific stakeholders we should meet with to garner support for the issue (which of course we will!). We discussed the entire copyright review process with them and what to expect as it moves into the legislative stages.

We are very excited to finally be able to report that copyright small claims legislation is in its beginning stages. The process will not be short, and certainly will not be without complications. Since it is an election year, we do not expect the process to be completed in 2016, but we do expect to see legislation introduced to committee as early as next month.

PPA will continue to lead this initiative and be the prominent voice as this process unfolds to ensure that we have a bill that is as strong and favorable as possible for the photographic industry and that this bill has wide support among stakeholders and lawmakers. We will soon mobilize grassroots efforts to advocate for small claims legislation.

Stay tuned to to be sure your voice is heard when the time comes (soon)!

Lindsey Forson is PPA's Manager of Government Affairs. She works alongside our CEO to fight for the rights of professional photographers on Capitol Hill and to keep PPA members informed on the issues that affect your businesses. Lindsey helps PPA advocate for stronger copyright protection, improved drone regulations, and other small-business issues affecting the industry. When not on Capitol Hill or at PPA headquarters, you can typically find Lindsey on a soccer field, at an Atlanta restaurant or market, or cheering on the Auburn Tigers!