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June 11, 2019

Got Questions About the Certified Professional Photographer Program? Register for This Webinar!

As a professional photographer, it's important to separate yourself from the crowd. One thing that the average photographer doesn't have is a Certified Professional Photographer designation. This certification will be a direct indicator of your technical skill level and expertise. Clients and fellow photographers will recognize you as more than a hobbyist, containing the technical skills of a professional.

Register to join this a FREE webinar which explores the 4 steps to earning your CPP designation. Julia Boyd, CAE, will walk you through the process of obtaining your certification and answer questions you may have.

4 Steps to Earning Your CPP:

1. Declaring Your CPP Candidacy. Declaring your candidacy consists of first completing the CPP Candidacy Application, as well as paying a $200 application fee. You then have two years to complete the certification.

2. Prep Time! PPA has several resources that will help prepare you for the CPP exam. These resources include PPAedu videos, suggested reading, and many other resources. We want to make sure you are at the top of your game and can obtain your certification.

3. The CPP Exam. After declaring your candidacy and studying the next step is to take the exam. Exams can be taken both in-person and online. We also have an Exam Resources Page that has all the FAQs about the exam.

4. The Technical Image Evaluation. The last step to obtaining your CPP Certification is the Technical Image Evaluation. We have five evaluation periods per year. If you don’t pass the first time, that’s ok! You can submit your evaluation as many times as you want during your candidacy period. If your candidacy expires before completing your evaluation, we allow you to re-apply for a reduced cost of $100.

Set yourself apart from others in the business and tune in Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 2 pm ET for this free membership webinar. It's free for all photographers to watch! PPA members are able to re-watch webinars at anytime in PPAedu, so if you aren't a PPA member yet, join today