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June 13, 2019

Get the Most Out of Imaging USA 2020 by Attending Pre-Convention Classes!

Your 3-day All-Access Pass to Imaging USA gets you into dozens of incredible photography classes during the regular days of the convention, January 19-21 2020 in Nashville. These programs are included at no extra cost with your All-Access Pass. But if you're looking for even more photography education opportunities, Imaging USA has you covered with Pre-Convention programs!

Pre-convention (or pre-con) takes place on-site and right before Imaging USA, from January 16-18. While these programs do require an additional fee to attend, many photographers find the much smaller class size and the ability to get one-on-one attention from the instructors well worth the small add-on cost.

Pre-con programs range from multi-day workshops to half- and all-day classes on topics like post-processing workflow, fashion portraiture, the certification process, the business of senior photography, and more! 

There are also Hands-On classes, which take you on a photo-shoot with the instructor to practice the skills you are taught with your camera right there on the spot! These classes are designed so you can attend multiple sessions during the day and get all the hands-on practice you want.

Pricing structure this year:

Pre-con workshop pricing:

  • Multi-day: $299 
  • Full-day: $189
  • Half-day: $99

Hands-On classes:

  • 1 Hands-On class costs $109
  • 2 Hands-On classes cost $169
  • 3 Hands-On classes cost $209

So, as you prepare for the world's largest pro-photography convention, check out some of these Pre-Convention classes that may interest you:

Art and Photoshop

Thom Rouse, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., F-ASP

January 16, 9am - 5pm

Use your passion for fine art as leverage for your business, marketing and bottom line. You’ll be working with your own images and applying a range of post-production techniques, step-by-step and layer-by-layer. You’ll leave with a full set of your own-layered images as a reference for applying the techniques to other images. The techniques you learn will not only fuel your personal fine art images, but provide opportunities for creating unique client images.

The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro

Steve Kozak, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

January 16, 9am - 5pm

A successful career in professional photography is built upon a foundation of lighting, posing, and good business practices.  With this class, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and unique insight into creating images at a professional level. Steve will have you looking at your career from three aspects: The Fundamentals, The Business and The Art of Photography.

Taming the Technology Beast

Dave Doeppel, Cr.Photog., CPP

January 17, 9am - 11am

Dave has worked in Information Technology for over 30 years and as a Professional Photographer for the last 10 years. He combines his experience in both worlds to help photographers get a grasp on all things technology. This class will focus on everything from proper password management and security, to solid backup strategies, website setup, e-mail systems, and much more.

The Fine Art of Portraiture

Kristi Elias, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.

January 17, 9am - 5pm

Leveraging her 23 years as a professional photographer and artist, Kristi will demonstrate how she merged her art gallery world and photography business to run a successful fine art portrait studio and business. Kristi will share her profit-proved strategies for providing a luxury-based client experience while creating the work YOU want to create, and that clients will not only pay for but also rave over.

Pop-Up Studios - Doing Business by the Numbers

David Stana, Cr.Photog., CPP

January 17, 9am - 5pm

With close to two decades of work in retail Pop-Up studios David will show you the lucrative and profitable way to increase your income. Whether you have a studio and a pop-up is a new revenue stream, or you want a way to increase brand awareness and more money, this can add needed exposure to your business and catapult you into new markets never discovered before.

These are just a few of the dozens of Pre-Convention classes available! Since class sizes are very limited, be sure to sign up today. Visit and click on the Pre-Convention tab to view the complete Pre-Convention schedule. If you've already registered for Imaging USA 2020, it's easy to add-on some pre-con classes. 

And if you haven't registered for Imaging USA, what are you waiting for? Register now for your Imaging USA All-Access Pass!