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March 18, 2019

Get Ready! District Photographic Competitions are right around the corner!

It’s District Competition time! If you’re a regular competitor, you must know the past few months have felt endless… with no winter District Competitions for the first time in years. But now, the weather is thawing, spring is coming, and District Competitions are gearing up to provide you with the inspiration (and merits) needed to take your photography business to new heights.

Registration opens April 8, 2019, and now you can spend your spring readying your images for the big week of June 2-7. There are several exciting changes, so read up on the rules here.

The biggest change/addition? Since nearly half of the membership of PPA identifies as wedding photographers, PPA has created a new degree designed to encourage and reward the hard-working wedding photographers within the membership and to help them stand out in the wedding photography field by earning a credential that signifies mastery of the education and experience needed to obtain a degree through PPA.

Watch the webinar explaining the new wedding degree and see how you can begin your journey towards being a Master Wedding Photographer. It could all start with this year’s District Competition! Get all the important details here.