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January 04, 2022

Get Constructive Feedback on Your Work for Only $10/Image!

Your business depends on you becoming the very best photographer you can be. With that in mind, getting feedback on your work is essential to your growth as a creative professional. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Order critiques of your images now through March 1 for only $10 each!

These “critiques” aren’t simply a judgment of your work; they’re personalized reviews designed to help you improve your craft and hone your unique strengths as an artist. When you submit an image, it is evaluated by one of PPA’s competition jurors who give you real, concrete advice on how to hone your creative vision and improve your work.

Don’t let the word “critique” scare you; the jurors’ goal is to help you grow, not to tear your work apart. This focus on self-improvement is also center-stage at both District Competitions and the International Photographic Competition. Rather than just pitting you against other photographers, photographic competitions give you the rare chance to get a straight-forward, unbiased review of your work from an experienced, knowledgeable professional. And with competitions right around the corner, critiques are the perfect way to see how you can improve your photography before entering. 

For examples of the type of feedback you'll get, check out the Youtube playlist below:


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