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August 21, 2018

5 Photography Business Strategy Tips

No doubt, doing what you love is important when choosing a career path... but it doesn't guarantee your financial success. No matter how deeply in love you are with photography, you need to implement effective strategies to grow your business.

Pro photographer Suzanne Deaton, M.Photog., offers advice to fellow photographers looking to follow their joy but also pay the bills. Suzanne's five business tips are designed to marry your passion with an actionable strategy:

  1. Get Educated: Wondering if getting a degree is worth it? Deaton explains how getting a Master of Photography helped her distinguish herself from her peers.
  2. Do Your Research: How well do you know your target market? What do you know about your competition? This article includes series of questions one must answer while making business plans.
  3. Determine your diversification: Can you specialize and thrive, or is your market too small to support a narrow area of focus?  Defining your specialty will help you develop better-targeted strategies.
  4. Define your style: What makes you unique? There’s got to be something distinctive about your works that no one can truly replicate. You need to discover it and ensure it remains consistent with your brand.
  5. Be a storyteller: Lots of people can take a nice picture, but not many can use images creatively to tell stories that people can connect to. Storytelling remains one of the strongest communication strategies throughout history.

"Figure out who you are first," Deaton says. "You have to know who you are as an artist to tell someone else's stories. When you can do that, you become much more valuable."

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