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February 26, 2019

Capturing the Best Moments with Open-sea Photography

Joel Woods has been a fisherman for over 20 years, but he doesn’t just capture fish; he also captures the unexpected moments in his work. In this article on Professional Photographer, Woods discusses the challenges and rewards of taking photos while working as a fisherman.

Woods’ images show what life is like on the open sea; it’s wild, messy, but undoubtedly fascinating. With several years’ experience earning a living on the sea, he’s learned hard lessons in life and photography, and he’s proved his talent for creative work that captures the hardships and danger inherent in commercial fishing. "My options are either don't get the shot, or grab my camera with bait, slime, guts, and seawater-covered gloves. I will gladly choose the latter every time!" says Woods. And truly, you would not believe how many cameras he goes through in a year!

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