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January 09, 2019

Find Your Photography Community: Lisa Thayer on Imaging USA

Imaging USA brings professional photographers together from all over the world each year for a week’s worth of community and connection that can’t be duplicated at any other professional photography event. Since 1880, Imaging USA has been a homecoming of sorts for thousands of photographers who enjoy everything from big brand exhibitions, to training sessions by some of the most successful photographers and all-inclusive parties.

In this video, Lisa Thayer shares her experience at her first Imaging USA, why she joined PPA, and what she enjoys most about her photography career. 

About This Series:

PPA’s YouTube video series, “Behind the Camera”, features professional photographers who share their trials and triumphs within the PPA community.  None of these interviews are scripted or paid for. These are real photographers, members of PPA, who value and share the power of their PPA community. 

Help your photography friends and share this video! The power of being involved and deeply connected goes beyond professional development. It's a support system no one should be left without. You can also view a full playlist of the Behind the Camera Video series on PPA's YouTube channel and learn more about the Imaging USA here.