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February 23, 2024

February Recommended Reads: Barn Door Lighting, NFL Behind the Scenes, and More!

This month’s news ranges from NFL behind the scenes to news on the front of AI. Catch up on the latest in the industry with these articles!


Go Behind the Scenes With an NFL Team Photographer on Game Day
Here's what a day in the life of the Los Angeles Chargers team photographer, Mike Nowak looks like.


Apple Used 40 iPhones to Film BTS of Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show
Usher's epic Super Bowl Show was recorded on 40 iPhone devices throughout the show and rehearsals.


How to Use Barn Door Lighting for Dramatic Portraits
Barn door lighting refers to the use of lighting modifiers known as "barn doors" to shape light in portraits. Learn how to use this type of lighting to create more compelling portraits!

12 Tips for Flying with Camera Gear
Traveling soon? Learn from these tips and tricks for protecting your gear and making the most difficult parts of traveling just a little more easy.


Photographer Sebastião Salgado at 80: ‘They say I was an aesthete of misery’ 
Sebastião Salgado made his name with social documetary and became increasingly focused on the environment in the 1990s. The legendary photojournalist looks back on his years of documenting people and the planet.


Photographing Critically-Endangered Fijian Iguanas: A Trip Report
With their extreme rarity and remote populations, almost no high-quality photographs of wild specimens are published.


Photographer’s Beautiful Pictures of Rainbows That Appear in Bird Wings
A photographer had a happy accident while capturing birds in his garden when rainbows began appearing in their wings.


15 Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas, Poses, and Tips
Dive into specifics and learn new couple maternity photoshoot ideas, poses, and tips.


Odysseus Lunar Lander Captures Brilliant Photos as it Prepares for a Historic Landing
Craft could become first American vehicle to land on the Moon in over 50 years.


Powerful Twin Solar Flares Erupted This Week, Did They Cause Cell Outages?
Two powerful solar flares erupted on the surface of the sun last night and this morning. The flares coincide with widespread cellular network outages across the United States, though scientists say it isn't likely they are related.


OpenAI's Sora is racing into a brave new world of misinformation
Sora is a text prompt-driven AI video generator capable of creating photo-realistic videos of humans, animals, landscapes and more. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn close to being indistinguishable from reality and ushering in a near future of subjective truths.


Google cut a deal with Reddit for AI training data
A deal reportedly worth $60 million per year will give Google real-time access to Reddit’s data and use Google AI for Reddit’s search.