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July 19, 2018

Facebook’s Drone Project Comes to an End

Over the past four years, Facebook has frequently shared their goal of constructing drones in an effort to help people get internet access who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get online. Facebook planned to give the drones wingspans bigger than a Boeing 737 and make them solar-powered to make them environmentally friendly.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder, dreamed of building a drone that could fly for months without landing, powered fully by the sun, to help more people gain access to the online world. This sounds like an excellent, useful idea, but unfortunately, as the craft was being built, they encountered many obstacles including setbacks, broken wings, and now, a final cancellation. On Wednesday, Facebook officially announced that they’ve stopped building their drones.

They’ve decided to shift the project over to other companies to build the drones, and as a result, the plant in England responsible for manufacturing Facebook’s aircrafts will be closed. Google has also tried and failed to create their own internet access drones. Both Facebook and Google have abandoned their efforts and have moved on to other social media projects.

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