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July 01, 2016

Facebook Copyright, Bill Cunningham, and Tips to Get Great Fireworks Shots: Our Top Blog Posts from June 27-July 1

Before you fire up the barbecue and see a few great firework shows, take some time to enjoy our favorite blog posts of the week of June 27!

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Copyright Small Claims Court: Not Just a Dream

SMALL CLAIMS: PPA's CEO David Trust shares his take on small claims copyright legislations, why it's so important, and how to take action. Read the article here.

What Bill Cunningham Taught Us About Ethical Journalism

PHOTOGRAPHY COMMUNITY: The photography community is extremely saddened by the passing of legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. Check out this recap of his work, and the mark he left on the photography community.

Who Owns Your Photo Once It's Posted On Facebook? Copyright Cheat Sheet Download

COPYRIGHT: Did you ever stop and think if Facebook takes ownership of your photo once you post it? I don't think many people answer yes. Check out what this article says about copyrights on Facebook!

How To Use The Face-Aware Liquify In Photoshop

BEST PRACTICE: Here is a great Photoshop hack for photographers. Learn how to use the Face-Aware Liquify feature to improve photo editing. Check it out!

13 Things To Know Before You're Drone-Ready

DRONES: We have new drone regulations that benefit the use of drones in photography. But before you head out and put your drone to work be sure to check out this article about the 13 things you need to know before you're drone ready.

Fstoppers Writers Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes in Photography

MISTAKES: We all make mistakes; it's pretty much inevitable. But the key is to learn from them. Check out what the photographers in this article say their biggest mistakes are and how they learned from them.

How To Read A Photograph: Left To Right Or Right To Left?

INTERESTING TAKE: Have you ever taken the time to think about how you read a picture? For photographers, knowing what part of the photograph attracts attention first affects the composition of a picture. See how this article says we read photos! 

Spectacular Drone Photos Capture the Beauty of Australia's Landscape

LANDSCAPE: Drones often get a bad reputation for being dangerous, but in the hands of a responsible professional, they capture some really amazing moments. Check out these spectacular photos of Australia's beautiful landscape, all captured by drones. 

4 Lost Masterpieces Recreated Using Only Stock Photos

CREATIVITY: Adobe asked a few artists to recreate 4 lost masterpieces to show off the potential behind their stock photography collection. Check out these impressive recreations using only Adobe Stock Imagery!

Tips for Shooting Fireworks!

ADVICE: The Fourth of July is almost here and we know you want to get some great shots of fireworks. Here's an article that offers advice on how to get the best possible shots this Fourth of July.