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June 12, 2019

Explore the contract templates available to PPA members!

Over the past few weeks, we've highlighted the various types of photography contracts that are included in your PPA membership. These contracts are available to you to make sure you are always more prepared, more protected, and overall, more successful!

Through the licensing agreements, you can retain your copyright and still have some oversight on how your creation is used. With the Cease and Desist letter, you have the ability to contact the party causing harm and explain to them why they need to stop.

With a Print Release, you have the language you need to make sure your client understands they need your permission to print your image.

And with the Non-Disclosure Agreement you have the tools to ensure your agreements, settlements, and/or negotiations remain confidential, and so much MORE!

These contracts are a great starting point for what your final contracts should look like, but always keep in mind to consult an attorney licensed in your state for any specifics your state law may require.

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