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October 02, 2019

Expert Advice on Video Marketing for Photographers

Everyone knows we now live in an age where content is king. As a photographer, you have to get your work out there on Instagram and Facebook in order to be seen or noticed. Still, the secret to “going viral” remains an elusive and hotly debated art form for marketers (and even harder for small business owners like photographers). 

Futurist, technologist, information architect, and blogger, Kurt Cagle, has a new article on Forbes that takes “A Photogenic Look at the Future of Film making with Paul Xavier”. Cagle introduces us to “filmmaker and entrepreneur Paul Xavier” who “recognized a niche and started focusing on the problem of teaching digital marketers and budding video professionals. Creating the Next Level Creators Program, Paul began to teach the fundamentals not only of effectively creating videos but how to incorporate them into online business channels.” 

The piece is an interview with Xavier where he explains the rapid changes to technology and video and how that all fits together with digital marketing. You’ll get his thoughts on the best strategies to promote your work in today’s environment. Where does social media fit into things? Has social media has been a positive or negative factor for photographers and videographers today?

You’ll get a crash course from Xavier just from this article, including learning the three most powerful ways to make or save money leveraging video for your business. Check it out on Forbes now. And for all the latest and best photography article shares, be sure to join and follow PPA today!