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February 19, 2024

Equipment Insurance for Photographers: Give Your Gear the Protection It Deserves

In 2023, PPA continued to uphold its commitment to photographers by addressing 218 Indemnification Trust claims and 938 equipment insurance claims, distributing over $1.3 million in total claims.

The most popular benefit of PPA membership, PhotoCare is included for all Full PPA members and provides you with up to $15,000 in equipment insurance. Now including full replacement value of stolen or damaged equipment and flat deductibles for repairs and replacements of photography gear (such as cameras, lenses, lighting, set-ups, and computer hardware), PhotoCare makes sure that your investments are protected no matter where your photography takes you.

Need more than $15,000 in coverage? PPA has you covered—pun intended—with PPA’s PhotoCare Plus option, enabling you to purchase additional high-quality coverage at prices that fit your budget for up to $100,000 of protection.

Whether you’re brand new to PPA or a seasoned member, make sure you opt in to your PhotoCare Equipment Insurance policy today!

Maximize Your Membership 

Are you getting the most out of your PPA membership? With so many resources, it's easy to overlook one that could have a huge impact on your photography business. For a handy checklist of everything available to you, plus descriptions of each resource, check out the Member Benefits Guide.