Enhance Your Skills with the Technique Track at Imaging USA 2018

Imaging USA 2018 is almost here and PPA has so much planned for you, including a variety of classes covering as many topics as you can think of!


In order for you to get the most out of your experience in Nashville, we created tracks that you can easily follow if you have an area you specifically want to concentrate on. So, if you've got the "what" down but you're still trying to figure out the "how," or you're just looking for the best ways to go about your photography, check out the Technique track!

With this track, you will learn non-complicated but exceptional techniques that will save you time and still keep clients coming. It includes everything from exclusive photography, to mind-opening business tips and tricks, such that no matter your niche, there's a class for you! 


Some of the classes in this track include:

Lighting A Wedding Day from Start to Finish

Session Time: January 14, 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Speaker: Michael Anthony

There is no question that weddings are challenging. However, with the right knowledge, they don't have to be. Like all photography, wedding photography is based on light, and with the right lighting techniques, you can capture beautiful images in any situation. The challenge with lighting in wedding photography is that you have to remain mobile while remaining within a small footprint. In this class, Michael Anthony will show you how to turn any location into a studio and create dynamic photos for all of your couples. You'll learn how to prepare for each wedding day and how to be ready for any scenario that may happen. After this class, you will understand how to create beautifully lit images with minimal equipment. Michael will even discuss with you some of the challenges and tricky lighting situations in which you are bound to find yourself - and how to overcome these! You'll walk away with solid lighting techniques and the confidence to capture amazing images each and every time!


Maternity Posing & Lighting

Session Time: January 15, 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Speaker: Alli Peck

Maximize the tools of your trade as you learn to create outstanding images. Using live models, Instructor Alli Peck will demonstrate maternity posing at its finest. Learn the poses that showcase your clients' beauty, grace and poise in your maternity sessions.

You will also delve into lighting techniques and learn to use both one light and strip lighting to achieve optimum effects. This workshop gives you the skills, but also the confidence, to conduct successful maternity shoots with stunning results!


Using Light To Make Every Person Look GORGEOUS!

Session Time: January 16, 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Speaker: Dixie Dixon

In this in-depth talk, Nikon Ambassador Dixie Dixon will share her favorite fashion-lighting techniques and secrets that make all subjects look their best! Dixie will cover lighting styles, types and modifiers that suit different face shapes and skin tones.  From on-the-go quick lighting setups to more in-depth detailed strobe setups, you'll discover how to use all types of light effectively to make every person you shoot look amazing and save a ton of time in post-production.  


10 Ways to Create Videos to Help Increase Sales

Session Time: January 16, 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Speaker: Joe Switzer

All too often photographers turn down projects because they involve video production. What would happen, though, if you were suddenly able to say "yes" to those clients? After taking Joe Switzer's course, you will! This class is all about video production made simple for you. Isn't it time you stop turning down the business and learn how to produce videos that people want? Joe will teach you how to use your camera to capture video footage and how to edit it for professional results to both shoot and edit. You will also learn how to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. If you've tried video before (and failed), this is your chance to finally succeed. With Joe in your corner, you will find out how to become a successful video producer, increase your sales, and finally say, "Yes, I can!"

... and more!

You can find the classes in the Technique track and other tracks in the Imaging USA schedule. Don't forget to register for Imaging USA 2018, January 11-16 in Nashville, TN. We hope to see you there!

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