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June 02, 2017

Electronic Travel Ban: What You Need to Know and How to Protect Your Equipment.


Many photographers are concerned about the talks of the electronic travel ban that the Department of Homeland Security is dealing with.  This ban is already in place for 10 airports in the Middle East and Africa:

Amman, Jordan (Royal Jordanian Airlines)

Cairo, Egypt (Egyptair Airlines)

Istanbul, Turkey (Turkish Airlines)

Jidda, Saudi Arabia (Saudia Airlines)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Saudia Airlines)

Kuwait (Kuwait Airways)

Casablanca, Morocco (Royal Air Maroc Airlines)

Doha, Qatar (Qatar Airways)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Emirates Airline)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Emirates Airline)

Etihad Airways Flights

Passengers arriving on flights from these countries or carriers must check-in their laptops, tablets, cameras, travel printers, and any games bigger than a cell phone. 

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security also began considering implementing this ban for flights arriving from Europe. The possibility of this ban raised many concerns for professional photographers. While traveling, most photographers tend to carry their equipment in their carry-on bag to ensure that nothing gets damaged or stolen. If the European ban is implemented, there is a strong possibility that photographers would be forced to check-in their camera equipment, subjecting them to potential damage. 

As of right now, the European electronics ban HAS NOT been implemented.  However, to be proactive, some photographers are checking in their equipment. Before doing so:

Check with your equipment insurance carrier to see if they cover damage/loss during travel. If you have PhotoCare Plus through PPA you may have a viable insurance claim covering both damage and loss. (Depends on review by the insurance company) If you only have PhotoCare (automatically comes with your PPA membership) you may have a viable claim for damage but not theft. (Depends on review by the insurance company). Look into the details of the protection many airlines provide with the purchase of your tickets. You will be surprised the amount is not as high as you think and/or may not cover your photographic equipment at all. Some coverage for electronics max out at $500!Consider purchasing additional insurance through your airline carrier or a third party. Look into your home or business insurance policy. There may already be a clause protecting you. Look at the details of the credit card you purchased your ticket with. Certain companies will add coverage.

PPA will, of course, keep you updated as soon as we hear anything on the electronics travel ban so keep it glued to PPA Today.