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May 06, 2020

Head to theLoop Today to Discuss EIDL Loans, Deposit Refunds, Nikon Z-series Cameras, and More

For the latest conversations from the PPA member community on safety for photographers in a COVID-19 world, EIDL Loan Payments, and more, be sure to check out these top posts on theLoop today!


“Reopening for Businesses-Guidelines for Photography”

Published by PPA Member Experience Coordinator, Kailey Kennedy, this post shares guidelines, created by PPA in accordance with CDC and federal standards,meant to serve as a resource for professional photographers as they prepare to reopen their studios. If you’re looking for guidance and tips on how to adapt your business to improve health and safety measures during this pandemic, be sure to check out the full thread here. 


“Wrongful Death Coronavirus/Law Firm TV Ad”

The author of this post expresses a common worry among professional photographers about the risk of liability in reopening their studio or resuming “normal” photography practices amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of those who replied to this thread have shared the white house guidelines and discussed strategies for integrating these practices into their routine to protect themselves and their clients. If you’d like to share your own plan for maintaining safe business practices as the country begins to re-open, join the conversation today!


“Refund Wedding Booking Fee/Deposit”

This Looper is seeking advice on how to handle a recent cancellation. Due to social distancing guidelines, a couple has asked to cancel her services as they can only have 10 attendees at their wedding. She’s wondering if she should stick to her contract, which states that deposits are non-refundable, or if she should refund the deposit, as a kind gesture during these difficult times. Many Loopers chimed in with helpful advice, sharing their own stories of having to grapple with deposit refunds. Ultimately, many of those in this conversation seemed to agree that it’s best to respond with compassion during this time, especially for one Looper, whose client was both a bride and a first responder. If you’d like some advice on this issue, and a dose of encouragement, check out this thread today.

To get a more in-depth look into contracts and cancellations, replay our webinar: “How to Navigate Contract Cancellations” with Stephen Morris, Attorney at Meadows, Macie & Sutton, P.C. and Luc Boulet, PPA’s Government Affairs Manager.


“Nikon Z6 or Z7 Cameras”

Our next post takes a break from COVID-19 related discussion. The author of this post is asking for recommendations and advice from those in the PPA community who have used a Z6 or Z7 Nikon camera. He needs help differentiating between the two versions of the Nikon Z series, in order to make the most informed buying decision possible. Many Loopers have already replied to this post with their experiences using these models, but there’s always room to add a new perspective into the conversation. If you have experience with the Nikon Z6 or Z7, or have been curious yourself about how the two compare, then join the conversation today.


“Hey, I Just Got An EIDL Payment”

This Looper shared that he received a $1,000 payment from the Small Business Association after applying for an EIDL loan payment. This thread includes many Loopers who are sharing their experiences applying for the EIDL loan payment as well as their communications with local senators to discuss the issue of maintaining a small business during this time. If you would like to contribute your own experience applying for the EIDL, join the conversation today.

For more information on the EIDL loan and the PPP loan, watch these webinars with PPA CEO David Trust, CFO Scott Kurkian, and Director of Education Angela Kurkian: “Q&A: Loan Programs (PPP & EIDL)” and “How-to Apply for the Payment Protection Program.” 

For more information on  PPP Loan forgiveness check out our FAQs on how to ensure 100% loan forgiveness.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of the most popular conversations this past week on theLoop. One of the best things about theLoop is that it brings the PPA community together to share knowledge and perspectives. 

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