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August 10, 2017

Drone Waivers and YOU. What You Need to Know!

iStock_000049507766 smaller.jpgWe all know that there are certain things you can and cannot do with your drone. You can fly a drone for commercial purposes once you have passed your Section 107 drone certification exam. You cannot fly your drone over large groups of people. Pretty much ever. 

To make these dos-and-don'ts (and life as a drone photographer) a little easier, the FAA introduced waivers. FAA Certified drone photographers can apply for a waiver that allows them to fly over people, fly during a moving vehicle, fly at night etc....whatever the case may be. 

We have all heard about these waivers, but still very little has come out on how to apply for them. 

Well, guess what? PPA has a "How to Apply for a Drone Waiver" guide just for you. This new resource walks you through what information you need to provide, how detailed you should be, and what the FAA is looking for when processing your waiver. Check out this cool new resource here!

For more information about drones or to get details on PPA's new Certified Drone Photographer program, head over to