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August 03, 2017

Drone Close Calls: How to Stay Safe!

No Drone Zone.jpgEvery so often you will hear about a drone that got too close to an airplane or a drone that was being flown in an area it shouldn't have. As more people purchase drones for commercial or personal use, these close calls are happening more than ever before and are getting more and more risky.  The FAA reported 1,274 close calls in 2016 alone, and are expecting that number to double for 2017. 

The most recent close call reported by U.S. media outlets took place on July 31st, 2017, when a drone was seen by an airplane preparing for landing in what was stated as "in the vicinity of the runway"! That is way too close for comfort!

Constant violations of drone regulations are forcing the FAA to crack down on violators. Most recently, the FAA arrested a man from Arizona for endangerment and unlawful operation of a drone during a massive wildfire near Phoenix. Besides the possible criminal charges, the fines can get quite pricey. In 2016, the FAA fined one company $1.9 million! 

As a rule of thumb:

Always check the B4U fly app to ensure there are not limitations to flights in your location. Stay of the airplane's way!...Keep in mind planes are much larger and faster than drones and are carrying fellow humans. One wrong move from a drone and it can put many people's lives in danger. Always fly below 400ft!

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