Don’t Miss Out! PPA Helps You Be More Connected with News

Connected_monthly_push_social_1200x1200-3.jpgWhen it comes to success, Yale University historian - George Burton Adams - once remarked, “There is no such thing as a 'self-made' man [or woman]. We are made up of thousands of others.” 

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world's largest non-profit photography association with over 30,000 members under its banner. Whether you're already a member or on the fence, PPA connects you with like-minded photographers around the globe, providing you with virtually unlimited resources to resolve any problem that comes your way. 

You're using theLoop and have registered for Super 1 Day, but where else are you turning to get your updates on what's happening in PPA's daily orbit? Here are some of the many outlets you have at your fingertips to keep you consistently informed: 

PPA Today Blog If you're looking for stories regarding anything photography, the PPA Today blog is your go-to. From coverage of speakers at 2018's Imaging USA conference to PPA's Weekly Roundup (our post highlighting the biggest photography stories of each week) PPA Today provides all the information you could ask for and then some.PPA Today Newsletter Related to the one above, PPA Today's Newsletter sends you weekly emails on important updates and events, new articles and helpful tips/benefits. Super convenient and easy to sign up!PPA Advocacy Copyright laws can be tricky. That's why PPA regularly travels to Capitol Hill, pushing for more rights and increased protection for photographers. Have an inquiry regarding the copyright side of the photo business? Here is a great place to find answers.PPA Drones PPA knows drones are one thing above anything else: Awesome. Check out PPA's Drone Knowledge Center to become a Certified Drone Photographer, learn your legal drone rights, or simply figure out how to get started incorporating drones into your photography business. PPA lives for drones, so get started today! 


As a nonprofit, PPA's mission is to help you constantly improve and watch your career not only grow, but thrive. That's why PPA enjoys sharing rich information to its members for them to utilize or share with others. And as a PPA member, you can guarantee we will always aspire to help you make it happen!