Don’t Be Afraid To Add To Your Reading List! These Photography Books Will Help You Revitalize Your Photography Business In Time For New Year’s


Have you been on the hunt for new educational photography books for your New Year’s reading list? “2019 Round-Up: The Year’s Best Educational Photography Books” an article by Jordana Wright from Fstoppers is exactly what you need to find the inspiration you need. Wright summarizes several photography books from this year by big names in the photography industry like Chase Jarvis, Chris Orwig, and National Geographic.

The texts that she has selected to detail go beyond your standard how-to guide; the authors of these books present photography tips and images with depth and purpose designed to make the reader reflect on their own work.

The first book Wright discusses is Photography: History.Art.Technique by Tom Ang. This book is about much more than just a lecture on the history of photography. As Wright puts it, “If you've ever wanted to learn more about photographic history, but your eyes glaze over the second you open a book about it, Ang is your guy. Think of this book as the definitive encyclopedia of photography, presented in an interesting and digestible way”. This book will bring the history of your passion into a contemporary context. Delve further into what makes photography what it is today with this informative text.

Another significant book to include on your holiday wish list is Seeing in SIXES edited by Brooks Jensen and Maureen Gallagher. This text is a collection of 50 of the best six image photography collections submitted to LensWork. The photos submitted are meant to be independent images that speak for themselves with minimal writing included from the photographers. This text is a great educational opportunity to learn from your fellow professional photographers and be inspired by the creativity of their photo projects.

The next book that Wright discussed in her article will prove very informative for portrait photographers. The Natural Light Portrait Book: The Step-By-Step Techniques You Need to Capture Photographs Like the Pros by Scott Kelby is the perfect field guide for the portrait photographer in your life. If you’re a photographer who loves to play with different lighting styles then this book is the educational material you’ve been waiting for. In the book Kelby “explains everything from how to select the best lens for the circumstances to working in harsh, unflattering lighting conditions.” 

We hope you find these photography book suggestions helpful for your New Year’s reading! Check out the full article to dive into the rest of Wright’s book suggestions. For more photography news and tips head to for tons of great articles.