Do You Have Photographer’s Block? Learn How To Create Your Own Inspiration To Upgrade Your Photography Skills To The Next Level


The Secret to Breaking Your Inspiration Block

Do you ever open a closet full of clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear? Have you ever looked around your town and felt like there were no worthy subjects for your photoshoot? In the article “Stop Making Excuses: Get Out and Shoot Some Photographs” by Douglas Turney from Fstoppers, Turney argues that there is always something to photograph. Just like you have a closet full of clothes and no inspiration for an outfit, Turney says that you need to create your own inspiration for your photography.

Turney’s advice is to work towards your ideal subjects by using what’s right in front of you. Motivate yourself to capture the best images possible by becoming your own editor. Imagine that you’re on assignment so that you treat the small-time subjects like your dream photoshoot. Work with what you have—don’t wait for the ideal opportunity! Turney advises that less time is better to capture the images you want “the less you have to photograph, the better this approach is, as it will make you work harder for those exciting images.” Give yourself a mental deadline to really treat your locally available subjects as high-profile sessions.

Think of what you’d like to be doing, whether it be photographing a fashion runway, or taking photos of a location out of your country, look local to upgrade your skills on your subject. This advice is great for up and coming photographers as well as seasoned professionals. It’s always a great idea to exercise your skills in the subject you specialize in, and as Turney discusses, you can get some really great images by learning to appreciate the opportunities around you.

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