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October 01, 2018

Dive Deep into the Creative Process in October’s Free Education Video

PPA wants to offer you as many opportunities as possible for you to learn more and become a better photographer. That’s why PPA created its massive Online Learning Center, an extensive library with hundreds of educational videos that best fit you and your business.

Along with that, it's free! As a PPA member, you can access these videos any time, any place, any day! If you’re not a member, you can still sample these learning opportunities because every month PPA releases a video that's open for everyone to watch, but be sure to hurry because you'll only be able to access this video for one month!

October’s video "Inspiration: Emphasizing the Creative Process" with Joel Grimes, Cr.Photog., deeply explores the creative process. Joel first takes you down an interesting path, discussing how art and artists are often defined. Rather than focusing on terms like "genius" and "brilliant," Joel emphasizes the hard work, motivation, and passion that go into creating something worthwhile. Examine and explore the many ways an artist can express ideas, so that your work truly is a manifestation of you. He also discusses the concept of the final product: how what you produce is ultimately subject to someone else’s opinion and expectation, and how beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. After all, perception really is reality.

But never fear! Joel discusses outlets for the creative process and ways you can continually keep your motivation and inspiration alive and in front of your target audience! Explore how social media like Instagram and Facebook can be a great way to showcase your work and self-expression. Take a moment, step away from the fundamentals, and immerse yourself in the creative process!

Non-members will have access to this video the entire month of October, but if you would like to get FREE access to all of PPA’s education videos, join PPA today!