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February 24, 2017

Developing Black and White Photos on Film, Improving Retouching and Focus Peaking:  Our Top Blog Posts from February 20 - 24

Happy Friday! It's time to enjoy our weekly roundup of photography blogs from around the

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 web. Take a look - you never know what you might find that could help your photography and business!

How to Shoot & Develop the Sharpest Possible Black and White Film Photos

FILM TUTORIAL: Are you interested in shooting and developing photos using black and white film? This post from PetaPixel has some great tips for how to get the best results!

Why Photographers Should Consider a Fluid Head for Their Tripod

GEAR: Many photographers use a ball head mount on their tripod, but have you ever considered using a fluid head? This video from photographer Hudson Henry explains the advantages a fluid head can have for your photography. 

How to Blend 3 Bracketed Exposures for Greater Dynamic Range

TUTORIAL: Educator Jimmy McIntyre demonstrates a nifty trick for photographers looking to get a greater dynamic range in a photo: blend 3 bracketed exposures of the same scene using Photoshop. 

Five Things You Should Learn to Improve Your Retouching

RETOUCHING: Whether you've been in the photography game for a while, or are just starting out, this post from Fstoppers shares some good topics you should have a firm grasp of to improve your retouching of photos. 

Photographer Spends Three Months Building His Own Sets by Hand for Cinematic Photo Series

INSPIRATION: If you're looking for some inspiration, this post from Fstoppers is a great read. You'll see how photographer Nicky Hamilton built his own sets, by hand, for a cinematic photography project.