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December 25, 2023

Designing a 2024 Vision Board for Your Career

As you prepare for 2024, you might be thinking about your goals for the year. Setting and achieving great goals starts with developing a strong vision, and creating a vision board provides an excellent way to do that. By designing a vision board, you’ll gain the renewed focus, drive, and optimistic mindset to manifest what you want to achieve.

What is a vision board? Essentially, it’s an assortment of images that represent the dreams you want to turn into reality. Think of it as a collage that depicts your goals for the year. You can also add words and quotes that speak to your goals. 

Why Create a Vision Board?

As photographers, we’re visual people. So, it makes sense to hone in on our goals in a visual way to build excitement around achieving them. Visualizing yourself reaching your most ambitious goals will help you take on a more optimistic mindset, giving you the confidence to see them through.

As you create your vision board, you’ll clarify what you want to achieve in the coming year. By starting the new year with a focused vision, you’ll start transforming that vision into reality. On a daily basis, your vision board will act as an anchor that reminds you of what holds the most importance. Imagining the positive changes you want to make will greatly increase your odds of success. The clarity a vision board provides will steer your efforts in the right direction, motivating you to make crucial changes and try new things.

Zeroing in on Your Goals: Designing Your Vision Board

You can create either a digital or physical vision board. If you create a digital one, you can always print and post it on your wall!

Here are some points to consider as you get ready to design your vision board. 


  1. Reflect on your values and what you find most meaningful in your work. How can you more fully live your values and deepen the impact of what you do?
  2. What makes you distinct—and how can you enhance this?
  3. What skills do you want to grow to enhance the impact of your work? What stretch projects would enhance your offering and make your work feel more meaningful?
  4. How do you want to strengthen your photography business in the coming year?
  5. Do you crave more enjoyment and excitement in your work? If so, what projects could make your work more dynamic?

Now you’re ready to jump into designing your vision board. Take cutouts from magazines you enjoy (like Professional Photographer!) or photos you’ve taken. Choose photos that represent the types of projects you want to pursue or other goals you aim to achieve. Arrange them into a collage on a piece of poster board (or electronically). 

Narrowing Your Focus: The Power of Well-Chosen Words

Thoughtfully chosen words can help you set intentions for the year. Having just a few simple intentions will keep you focused on what’s most important on a daily basis. Whenever you lose focus, you can return to your intentions and make sure they’re guiding your daily work. Print or cut out any inspiring words, phrases, poems, or quotes that represent your intentions, interspersing them with the images on your vision board.

Now, hang your vision board in a spot in your office or home where you’ll see it every day. You can then easily look back at it for inspiration and direction. That’s it! In the coming days, reflect on the vision your board illustrates. What are the 5 overarching goals you want to achieve in 2024? To deepen this reflection, you could even share your vision board and goals with a trusted friend. 

Your vision board will help you transform ideas into action, bringing your dreams to fruition. By creating a vision board, you’ll give yourself the motivation and drive to accomplish big things this year. As you merge your vision with focused effort, you’ll achieve meaningful goals that may even bring you into an exciting new phase of your career. 

Get that vision board started! Share it with us on social media (on Instagram @ourppa) with the hashtag #MyPPA2024Vision



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