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June 09, 2017

Dell Member Benefit, Making the Most of Simple Shoots and Mimicking Natural Light : Our Top Blog Posts from June 5-9

As you wind down for the weekend, take a minute to browse our favorite photography posts

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 from around the web. We cover everything from a new PPA member benefit with Dell to inspiring portraits, so chances are good there's something you can learn from!

Using Creative Lighting Techniques to Mimic Natural Light

LIGHTING TUTORIAL: In this video, photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how you can mimic natural light using just a few pieces of equipment. Check it out on PetaPixel.

Making the Most of a Simple Shoot

TIPS: In this post from Fstoppers, learn how one photographer took a simple graduation photography session and made it something unique. These are good lessons to apply to any type of assignment you might get!

Taken in 1899, Here's the World's First Ever Underwater Portrait

PHOTOGRAPHY HISTORY:  Here's a cool post that any photographer will find interesting. Check out the world's first underwater portrait - and see how it was made on Vintage Everyday. 

Dude, You're Saving Up to 20% With PPA and Dell!

PPA MEMBER BENEFITS: Big news for PPA Members this week! Your membership now gets you access to up to 20% savings on computer equipment from Dell. Read all about this new benefit on the PPA Today blog. 

Anatomy of a Great Camera Bag

GEAR: If you're looking for a new camera bag, check out this post from Photography Talk before you buy anything. It shares some good advice on what to look for in a high-quality camera bag.