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April 21, 2023

Deep Dive Classes to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2023

PPA is excited to announce six new video recordings from Imaging USA 2023 speakers are now available for your viewing! These Deep Dive classes offer great insight for entrepreneurs on topics like sales, attracting the right clients, marketing, self-confidence, and taking your customer service to the next level. These classes fall under PPA’s Bridging the Gap initiative, which are designed to help photographers bridge the gap between the needs of their client and their artistic vision as photographers. Prepare to be engaged, inspired, and motivated to succeed in your photography business. Choose from any of these classes today:

Go From Frustrated to Focused with Debbie Peterson

Learn the 5 steps that give you clarity of direction on your way forward in your business and life. You’ll discover how to focus on the right opportunities for the right reasons while maintaining your momentum and results. Discover what it’s like to create success on your terms without sacrificing who you are in the process. Partake in Debbie's engaging class today. 


Give Your Business a Jumpstart: 5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue in the Next 90 Days with Carl Gould

Carl Gould walks photographers through 5 different ways to create more revenue in your business within 90 days. This presentation is highly engaging  and will help you make tangible steps toward improvement. Get ready to align your product and service offerings to meet the current demands and succeed! Watch Carl’s motivating Imaging USA presentation here

The Yellow Cake Principle: The Recipe for Influence and Selling with Roger Grannis

Selling has come a long way in the last 50 years. Yet, there are three consistent keys the best salespeople—no matter what the field—have used successfully during those 50 years. Top producers still practice them today. In his energetic and engaging style, Roger will share those universal truths and leave you informed, invigorated, and inspired. It's time to serve some cake

SOAR–LinkedIn for Business with Donna Serdula

LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network on the internet, can help you grow connections within your business and so much more. Donna Serdula’s presentation will help you SOAR to success with her four-point strategy to grow your presence on LinkedIn so you can find opportunity! Learn the meaning behind her handy acronym (Strategize, Optimize, Amplify, Relate) and take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer


Awakening Your Great with PeriSean Hall

We all have untapped greatness that’s waiting to be discovered. PeriSean’s talk will show you how to awaken your greatness for breakthrough in business, and in life. By the end of this talk, you’ll have the tools to employ real success, make your life impactful and purposeful, and live your dreams out loud! Awaken your greatness, today


Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business, and Get the Results You Want

Jeffrey believes that your level of success is proportionate to your level of personal development. In order to grow your business and get the results you want, you must first grow yourself. In his program, he breaks down the ways to prepare for the next level of success and moving beyond mindsets that get in one’s way. Learn how to apply proven marketing strategies and get the results you want in this incredible talk.


Spark the Customer Experience with Simon T. Bailey

In this session, Simon stresses the importance of placing care and service at the heart of customer experience and how this will ultimately accelerate your revenue. Simon likes to refer to a quote from Salesforce which states how customers aren't just seeking out personalized experiences, "but empathetic ones." Salesforce goes on to state that, "80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.”

Learn how to create lifelong customers, establish yourself as a leader, and be the person your clients will turn to, time and time again. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be inspired

These videos are one of PPA’s many benefits to members. Understanding your role as an entrepreneur is vital to your success.  Learn more about consumer-centric topics that will help you Bridge the Gap from PPA Education. View Bridging the Gap speakers and class details from the previous Imaging USA conference too!