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January 26, 2018

Deconstructed Dishes, Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career, and Renee’s Fight for Copyright: Our Top Blog Posts for January 22-26

The year just began and January is almost over; how time flies! As you take a moment to catch a breath from the eventful month this weekend, take a look at our top 10 blogs from around the web this week.


The Fight for Copyright: Renee's Story

COPYRIGHT: Everyday, we hear heartbreaking stories of how the current copyright system in the United States fails to protect small business creators like Renee. Read about Renee's experience, a perfect illustration of the downside of the current system - and probably a familiar story.


Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career

TIPS: This amazing video by Bobby Chiu outlines six common habits photographers should avoid and tips on how to turn them around to increase your chances of success.

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New Makeover for Group Registration of Photographs

LAW: U.S. Copyright office will implement a new rule affecting how groups of photographs are registered come February 20, 2018. The author of the article explains how this new rule will impact Copyright registration.


Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

ONLINE MARKETING: As social media continues to redefine marketing with evolving functionalities and ever-changing trends, how can you ensure that you are reaching your target audience on the best platforms for your business? Here's how.


Deconstructed Dishes

CREATIVITY: Commercial Photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj's creative images capture dishes in a new light. Go behind the scenes with Mikkel, as he explains how he achieved these unique images on Professional Photographer.


In-Person Sales: Change One Thing to Earn Three Times the Revenue

SALES: While an online portfolio might be absolutely necessary, it shouldn't take the place of in-person sales. Christine Yodsukar shares how in-person sales transformed her business on Professional Photographer.


Photographers Discussion on the Value of Print Art

PRINT: Photographers from different backgrounds discuss the significance of print art in the lives of both the photographer and the client in this video on PPA Today!


The Ever-changing Facebook Newsfeed

FACEBOOK: If you use Facebook to promote your business often, you may have heard about Facebook's recent announcement to make changes to its newsfeed. This article explains what this might mean for you.


Advancing Your Craft by Photographing the Same Subject Over and Over:

MODEL: While it might be easier to work with whichever model is available, the author of this article explains how working with one model several times could help enhance your photography.


5 Lessons Learned During the First Year of Business as a Photographer

BUSINESS: Photographer and videographer David Wahlman shares his experience and some lessons he learned during his first year in Business. 


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