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January 16, 2019

Creating Effective Side-by-Side Comparisons: See The Difference

Being a member of PPA gives you 24-hour access to tools, tips, and resources that are solely designed to help your photography business be the best it can be. See The Difference is PPA's online, print, and social media awareness campaign that aims to help consumers "see the difference" when evaluating photographers, and realize the importance of hiring a professional. The campaign also gives PPA photographers FREE marketing tools to help with their sales processes and justify their costs, quality, and expertise.

Take a look at this See The Difference video to learn how to create side-by-side comparisons that can help your expert photography skills stand out from the amateur competition - and win more business!



Simple efforts like this (and the many more you'll find in the See The Difference playlist on PPA's YouTube channel) can help your business stand out!​​​​​​​