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March 22, 2017

“CPP Fever” is Spreading in Maryland!

cppmdppa.jpgBecoming a CPP is a big step in your development as a professional photographer, as it gives you an advertising edge, pricing justification and peer validation. PPA recently received an email from Chris Paulis, M.Photog.,Cr., MDPPA-F.Ph, CPP from Chris Paulis Photography in Ellicott City, Maryland. Chris is a CPP Liaison, getting people involved in certification through the Maryland PPA. 

Chris writes:

"From what I can tell, with the latest two [CPP candidates] passing their image submission, Maryland PPA now has 31 active members who are CPPs, of about 100 total; and we have 8-10 who are candidates (five of whom took and passed the exam I proctored two weeks ago). As you know, we've worked very hard on promoting CPP among our membership, and it's finally feeling like there is a feeling among us that if you are a professional, then you should become certified. It's not a pressure from above, but a ground-swell from within."

Chris (pictured above with MDPPA Board Chair Lidia Miller; photo by Steve Clark) has made a career out of being a resource and mentor to others. He was surprised at this year's annual MDPPA banquet when he was presented with the Ron Coss Memorial Award, given by the Board to members who have made significant contributions to the profession and to MDPPA. 

Congratulations, Chris! And a big congratulations also to all the Maryland CPPS and those on their way to becoming one. PPA thanks you for helping to elevate the craft of photography in your community.

YOU can get involved in your local affiliate and get prepared to earn your CPP. Learn more at