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March 22, 2021

Council Elections: Get Involved & Give Back to Our Community!

As a nonprofit, PPA not only serves our members—we’re led by them. “For photographers by photographers” is more than a slogan; it’s our guiding principal. Your voice matters, and we want to hear it! There are several ways for you to get involved and give back to our community. Participating in Council Elections is one of the most important and rewarding.

Whether voting in an election or running as a Councilor yourself, your involvement helps PPA smoothly adapt to an ever-changing world.  Your voice helps support your fellow members and, in turn, helps uphold the integrity of photography as a whole.  

PPA Council is composed of representatives from across the United States, and each of these 150 elected members serve as a liaison between their state and the organization as a whole. Each of the 50 states, Washington D.C., Canada, and any U.S. Territory with 30 or more members is represented by at least one Council seat. The number of seats representing each state or territory is based on the number of members in that region.

Councilors make big decisions. They discuss and vote on changes to PPA’s by-laws and oversee the Board of Directors elections. It’s no small feat, but the result is that PPA serves its members in the best ways possible.

There are three ways to participate in Council Elections:

  1. Run for a Councilor position
  2. Nominate a fellow member as Councilor
  3. Vote for Nominated Councilors

Keep scrolling to learn more about each of these ways you can have an impact within PPA and in the lives of your fellow photographers.

Timeline of 2021 Council Elections

  • April 1 – The number of Councilors per state posted to and emailed to affiliates and members
  • April 5 at 8am ET – Council nominations open
  • May 3 at 11:59pm ET – Deadline for Council nominations
  • May 17 to June 16 at 11:59pm ET – Voting opens
  • July 1 – Councilors take office

How to Run for a Councilor Position

Council elections take place every three years. In April of these years, members interested in becoming a Councilor begin the nomination process. First, you need to be a Full, Additional, Associate, Retired, or Life member of PPA. If you’re reading this, you probably meet this requirement! If not, you can learn about joining our community by clicking here.  

Current members seeking election must also be a resident of, or have your business in, the state that they wish to represent as a Councilor. Once nominated, nominees complete an online candidate profile that is made available to all PPA members in their state.

If you want to make a difference in the photographic industry, click here for more details about becoming a PPA Councilor. 

How to Nominate a Fellow Member as Councilor

In order to run for a Councilor position, nominees have to be selected by PPA members in the state that the Councilor will represent. There are two ways that nominees are chosen:

  1. 5 PPA members in that state or territory nominate the member
  2. PPA Local or State Affiliates nominate the member

If you’re interested in becoming a Councilor nominee, you can find five fellow PPA members in your area who know you, your work, and your dedication to our community. Ask them to nominate you for a spot on PPA Council in April of the year you wish to be elected.

For more information on nominating a PPA member, click here.

How to Vote for Nominated Councilors

Voting begins in May and remains open for 30 days. All voting members of PPA are encouraged to participate in this step of the process! Keep your eye on your inbox for details about accessing the candidate’s online profile and casting your vote for your state’s Councilor(s). After voting ends, the votes are tallied, and the new PPA Council is announced. New Councilors take office July 1 of the election year. For the full election schedule, click here.  

PPA Council is a crucial part of the association's leadership structure and helps guide our organization's growth. So get involved! Jump in and take the first step in the nomination process and help shape our organization's future and the worldwide photographic industry. Visit