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April 28, 2017

Copyright Victory, Pet Portraits and Subject Tracking: Our Top Blog Posts for April 24-28

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_Drumroll.jpgIt's the last weekend of April and things are really heating up! Enjoy the sunshine, grab your phone or tablet, and take in a little "porch-reading" with this week's top ten photography blog posts from around the web. 

H.R. 1695 Passes House with Overwhelming Support
GRASSROOTS: PPA's Grassroots Action Team scored a MAJOR victory this week with the House's passage of H.R. 1695. Now it needs to be approved by the Senate! Read up on what all happened in D.C. this week with our recaps and be sure to sign up at for the NEXT big fight! 

When is the right time to upgrade your gear?
DRONES: When Ty Polland started getting into gear, his love of photography increased exponentially. Now, he's written a piece for FStoppers about why you should upgrade your gear regularly and how it can benefit your photography. He uses examples from his own work to show why investing in a newer camera and/or drone can make your content the best it can possibly be. 

Are You Shadowbanned on Instagram? This Website Can Tell You
CENSORED: A lot of buzz has been made lately about Instagram's process of "shadowbanning", which is when the platform makes certain users' (mostly businesses) images no longer visible on a hashtag thread to viewers who do not follow their account. Now, there's an app that can help you find out if YOU'VE been shadowbanned. 

Communication Is Key For Higher Sales 
SALES: Yes, as much as a photographer like you may hate it, this business depends on sales. There are tons of ways to do it, but knowing your best and most effective communication style is key to creating a lasting relationship with clients...and key to making the sale! 

Drones for Real Estate Marketing: Are They Worth It?
DRONES: RISmedia with an in-depth look at drones and if they're "worth it" for your real estate business. Get the stats and learn more about drone pilots, FAA-regulations and insurance options (our guess: you'll check out what PPA has to offer!) 

Subject tracking: Why it matters to us and why it should matter to you
TECHNIQUE & FOCUS: As technology has improved, so has subject tracking: choosing your subject and letting the camera track as you hold your composition. This technique is often overlooked, but now that manufacturers have made it such a successful feature on their cameras, subject tracking can change the way you take photos forever. 

Photographic skill without marketing is just a hobby 
MARKETING: If you are going to make a business out of your passion for photography, you need to know who your customer base is. What is your market? Have a clear vision...make it all about the client...and more great marketing pro-tips are included in this article from Northlight Images. 

Large prints - The Photography Show 2017
PRINT: The PRINT movement is worldwide! This blog links to several articles on the need to print, coming from the NEC Photography Show in Birmingham, England. Get tons of info on photo workflows, large prints, software, test images, pixels and papers and more. 

9 Things Photographers Need To Know About Using Hashtags on Instagram
SOCIAL MEDIA: Targeting, vetting, appropriate use...there's actually a LOT of thought you need to be putting into your hashtags. Once you get it down, you'll be able to reach your target audience on social media with more efficiency. Read these nine tips to improve you SEO!

Why Printing Your Photos Will Make You a Better Photographer
PRINT: Why, we couldn't agree more! PetaPixel and photographer Pete McKinnon have a video that ties right into PPA's PRINT Movement. A former "darkroom" photographer, McKinnon still remembers when photography was a two-step process (1. Shoot 2. Develop and print), and he has one big piece of advice for how to be a professional: print your photos.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee @