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April 06, 2017

Copyright Office Launches New Website, Blog


There's a great new copyright blog out there, Copyright Creativity at Work, and guess's from the U.S. Copyright Office! The U.S. Copyright Office is really stepping up their game in an effort to share their activities with the public. This is fantastic news for PPA and supporters of copyright law reform, as it makes the Copyright Office more open and transparent while we embark on the modernization process. 

The blog is great and very well maintained so far, with article updates when court cases pertaining to copyright take place. The blog intends to explore "a wide variety of copyright-related topics, including special project updates, interesting copyright court cases and case law, current copyright issues, current events, historical facts, copyright myths, trivia, communications about current and developing Office services, fun facts, and responses to copyright interest suggested by our customers."

Along with the blog, the Copyright Office launched its updated website. The site's redesign is also a great step in the right direction, making for a more organized, more responsive, and easier-to-navigate user experience.

Read all about the changes and how to use the new site here. 

Don't forget, while you're diving deep into the world of copyright law, you still need to sign up to support PPA's legislative efforts at