Capitol Hill, Iconic Images and Copyright: Our Top Blog Posts From Sept. 12-16

It's the absolute last week of summer 2016 and we're ready for fall! Here are our top photography blog posts from around the web for your dog days-weekend reading pleasure. 

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Congress Is Back In Session...And So Is The Quest for Better Copyright Protection! 

GRASSROOTS: PPA Today was there with a play-by-play account of PPA's trip to D.C. this week, meeting with tons of Representatives to discuss the upcoming Small Claims Copyright Bills. 


Photographer Janette Beckman Presents "Rebel Cultures"

MUSIC:  Bazaar has a profile up featuring the works of Janette Beckman, who photographed the underground music scene of the 1980s. She has a new gallery show presenting her images of Run DMC, Blondie and more. Can't make it to NYC to check it out? We've got you covered with this slideshow. 


The Underwater Archer: How to Get the Shot

TECHNIQUE: Only a small portion of photographers take on the challenges of underwater photography. Maybe this post will inspire you to give it a try! Jennifer Tallerico tells F-Stoppers how she achieves the desired results for underwater action photography. Dive in for magical images! 


Now You Can Access the Most Iconic Images from Cinema History

CINEMA: This week, over 750,000 images from two prominent photo collections were acquired by Shutterstock: The Art Archive and The Kobal Collection. This means that iconic cinema images are now available to the public! Check this piece out for a trip back in time through some memorable cinematographic photo classics! 


10 Daily Tasks You Should Be Delegating (So You Can Grow Your Business)

BUSINESS: Open Forum takes a deep-dive into delegation with this post. Are you bad at delegating? Maybe you think it doesn't apply to you and your small business? This post counteracts those theories with a list of what you could be delegating, who to delegate it to, and how it can help your business in ways you may have never considered.


Motley Crue Sued By Photographers Over Merchandise Image Rights

COPYRIGHT: Motley Crue has embarked on a farewell tour and is using past album covers and tour photos to promote it. Trouble is, they didn't get permission from the photographers of those original photos! The photographers are now suing the band after their images were put on recent merchandise. Learn more about the case in this post. 


9/11 Images are Seared Into the Memories of Magnum Photographers

HISTORY: Photographers who were there at Ground Zero have formed a collective and are now telling their story to CNN in anticipation of their new book. Many photographers risked their lives and health to get these images, some of which have become the most iconic photos of the 21st century. 


How I Choose My Photography Jobs

CAREER: F-Stoppers with how one photographer chooses his jobs by weighing money, interests and people. If you're struggling with how to decide which clients and jobs to pursue, take a look at the method proposed here to help you keep stock of what you need to do to be fulfilled creatively and financially. 


Photographic Competition Mentor Program at Imaging USA 2017

IPC:  Be sure to check out the FREE IPC mentorship sessions at Imaging USA! If you're going (and why wouldn't you?) consider spending some one-on-one time with a juror who can go over your image and answer your questions to prepare for IPC 2017!


There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at