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September 03, 2019

From Branding to Networking, Optimizing for Algorithms and Converting Qualified Buyers, PPA’s Facebook Live Sessions Cover it All. You Don’t Want to Miss the September PPA Facebook Live Videos!

September 3, 2019

One of the best ways to develop your marketing strategy is to accept new information on how to grow your business. This September, PPA will be calling on the pros so that they can teach you how to improve your approach to the photography industry. Here’s a little teaser for what’s in store for you on PPAedu’s Facebook Live series this month: 

Taking Your Brand to the Next Level
Kicking off the beginning of the month will be David Tyreman! Many of you are probably wondering how your brand can stand out among the other photography businesses in the industry. If you’re tired of feeling invisible to your clients, this is the FBLive for you. Tyreman is going to teach you how to attract the customer niche that you’ve always wanted to do business with. He’s going to show you everything from applying your authentic brand story to learning where to apply your results so that you can see the best growth for your company. Get ready for this information overload on September 4th at 2 pm EST!

How to Attract & Convert Qualified Buyers with your Website

If you need to improve your website (and you do), Amber Vilhauer is the person you need to learn from. Amber will share executable tips and strategies around publishing the consistent content that will attract the right customers. You will learn the types of content and frequency that work best. The session will include the importance of defining a Customer Journey, and Amber will provide a complete walkthrough, with examples. Tune in to this PPAedu Live, now taking place on FRIDAY, September 6 at 2:30 pm EST!

Finding the Right Network for You
Jen Gottlieb understands that networking will make or break your business which is why she’s going to help you connect your brand to your audience. Making meaningful connections in the industry is crucial to keeping your business as productive and profitable as possible. Gottlieb has been continuously improving her extensive skills in networking through her media network and her background in television, so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing. She is definitely the person you want to talk to about expanding to even more clients! Don’t miss out on Gottlieb’s networking expertise. Watch this PPAedu Facebook Live on September 11 at 2 pm EST!

Marketing to Your Customer Avatar
Julie Reisler is going to change the way you view your marketing strategy. Reisler has found that the best way to genuinely market your brand is to genuinely build relationships with your niche and have one-on-one conversations with those clients. The easiest way to achieve this in your marketing strategy is by making an avatar of the one person you are giving your message to. This thought process will help you visualize which client your business needs to go for. Honing in on this avatar could be the final step you were missing to running the business of your dreams. Tune into this upcoming PPAedu Facebook Live on September 18 at 2 PM EST to understand more about your avatar!

Beating the Internet Algorithm- Optimizing Your Social Media and Marketing Strategies
To wrap up the month, Dani Gagnon will be helping us understand the algorithm. Now you might be wondering, “what do a bunch of computer calculations have to do with my photography business?”. The answer is “everything”. Gagnon will be discussing how algorithms organize everything we see online and how this could potentially make or break how your content appears to your audience. As business developers, you need to ask yourself: How do you adjust your social media feeds & marketing strategies to connect with audiences in this algorithmic era? Gagnon will be giving you all of this information and so much more so that you can strengthen your connection with your audience. All you have to do is tune in to on September 25 at 2 PM EST to learn more! 


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