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June 11, 2024

Boosting Summer Sales for Photographers: Fresh Business Ideas

Summer is officially in full swing, which means vacations, backyard fun, and lots of pool time. As a professional photographer, you can still find plenty of ways to grow your business in the warmer months. Let’s discuss how to take advantage of summer events (or create your own!) and upgrade your online presence to make the most of the season.


Supercharge Your Online Presence

Post regularly on social media to keep your target market engaged. Two to four times a week is a good number to aim for. Create a pipeline of content so that during busy times, you can draw from posts you’ve already prepared! 

Here are a few more ideas for enhancing your online presence:

  • Hold contests or giveaways on social media to spark engagement and interest in your work. Ask followers to tag you in their photos to enter. Then, be sure to comment on their pictures.
  • Use captions and alt text to add context and boost accessibility. For alt text, create specific descriptions of images that summarize what the image displays, then add detail. For captions, share context that adds meaning. 
  • Review trending hashtags to find the most relevant and impactful ones for your posts.
  • Add location tags so people in your local area will see you.
  • Connect with other professional photographers in different specialties and promote one another’s work. For example, if you do pet portraits, give a shout-out to a colleague who focuses on weddings. 

Through these marketing strategies, you’ll broaden your reach and help new customers find you. Consider creating a newsletter featuring updates, client spotlights, and new product offerings, too. This will help you reach those who prefer email to social media, while also providing a comprehensive resource for all your followers. You can also engage in cross-posting between your newsletter and social media channels, maximizing the reach of content you design.

Update Your Business Profiles

Review your Google Business, Yelp, and LinkedIn profiles to keep them current. But don’t stop there. Consider crafting blog posts on LinkedIn to highlight your expertise and gain exposure for your photography business. Update your online portfolio with your best photos from the past year, too.

Also use backlinks, which are an overlooked tool, to draw new customers to your website. You’ll boost your search engine rankings by asking your network for this favor! Offer to link to others in your posts in exchange. And make sure you’re offering something they want to link to—an informative resource, a captivating gallery, or a website with a great user experience.

Build Relationships with Local Businesses

Partner with other local vendors to broaden your reach and grow your business through word of mouth. For example, in exchange for quality photos of their shop or event, they could advertise your services to their clientele. Think about partnering with resorts, event planners, or local tourist attractions as a marketing strategy, cross-promoting your work through a mutually beneficial referral program. 

You can also find local venues like cafés that would love to display your work. Contribute prints in exchange for exposure. Look for local galleries to place your work in, too.

Host Workshops

Like teaching others? Consider holding a workshop to share your talents with budding photographers. This will help you build relationships within your target market, while also generating income. As they rave about your workshop to their friends, you’ll also get your name out there through word of mouth. You could plan a summer workshop series to encourage others to explore their passion for photography. Teach a nature photography workshop in a park, for instance. If you really love teaching, you could even apply to volunteer as an instructor with PPA—the call is open until July 17!

Alternatively, you can design and sell online tutorials or webinars with summer photography tips. Get creative about how to share your knowledge!

Attend Local Events and Markets

Summer is the season of festivals, fairs, concerts, and sports games. Get in touch with event hosts in the local area to offer your photography services! If your website doesn’t focus exclusively on event photography, create a portfolio of relevant work and send them the link.

Or, set up a booth at local markets and events to showcase your work. Options include farmers’ markets, county fairs, craft shows, art expos, and other local events featuring creative vendors. You’ll get to connect with potential new clients face to face, building a rapport. Use these events as a chance to get feedback directly from customers, finding out what resonates with them the most. You can also ask them to sign up for your newsletter and follow your social media channels.

Look for events relevant to your niche, too. If you do wedding and engagement photos, search for bridal fairs and expos in your local area. Here, you’ll connect with folks looking for the specific service you offer as well as potential referral partners.

Enhance the Client Experience

Think through the entire customer experience, looking for any rough patches you can polish. For example, can you enhance their experience in any of these ways?

  • Communicating consistently from the moment they book a session. You can set up an automatic email that provides crucial details about what to expect, helping them understand the process. Then, follow up with a personalized message.
  • Sending a booking gift or handwritten thank you note to make them feel appreciated.
  • Offering pre-session consultations to discuss their goals, vision, and how they can prepare.
  • Providing refreshments or playing their favorite tunes during your photo session to show them some personalized care. 
  • Improving the presentation of the finished product, which makes a lasting impression.

Create professional email templates for various types of client communication. This will save substantial time and ensure you sound polished in all your messages. For instance, create email templates for situations like these:

  • Responding to a first inquiry
  • Confirming a booking
  • Telling clients how to prepare for a session
  • Delivering the finished product
  • Thanking clients for their business and requesting a review

If writing isn’t your thing, you can always hire a copywriter or use AI to draft your templates. Then, you can quickly personalize them for individual clients and situations. As you find creative ways to market your photography business, you’ll build your client base this summer. And as you strengthen your following on social media, you’ll ensure the momentum continues through the cooler months!