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April 26, 2017

Black Artists Support HR 1695

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Another perspective on the fight to pass HR 1695, this one coming from Digital Music News reporting on the Content Creators Coalition (C3) and their support of the bill. 

C3's President, Melvin Gibbs, writes about the notion that supporters of HR 1695 are pro-Trump and anti-black...

"As artists of color, we find it deeply offensive that opponents of this bill have attempted to recast their anti-creators' rights goals into a smear campaign against its sponsors and supporters.  They are insinuating that the legislation is about the race and gender of the current Librarian of Congress.  The Act is co-authored by the Dean of the House and the Congressional Black Caucus, Judiciary Ranking Member John Conyers.  It's also supported by Congressman John Lewis.  Their lifelong and unshakeable commitment to civil rights is a historical fact and should be honored and respected.  Not opportunistically and baselessly questioned just to score a few empty political points.

"We would be the first to speak out against prejudice or bias anywhere - in business, culture, the arts, or politics.  But here, we know these charges are false. The bill has nothing to do with the current Librarian at all - in fact, these reform proposals pre-date her appointment."

Read the article on DMN and be sure to send an email or call your representative in support of HR 1695!