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November 06, 2018

Before You Start Flying Your Drone, Here Are Some Tips

You recently added a drone to your photography toolkit and you can’t wait to get it off the ground. As you begin to explore your drone's potential, this article on Professional Photographer includes several valuable tips you shouldn’t ignore and here are some of them:  

  1. Read the manual: That’s right; the excruciatingly boring booklet of instructions that no one ever reads. While it’s tempting to attempt to figure it out as you go along, with drones, it’s important to understand how to perform the required preflight calibrations.
  2. Think about more than just lighting: You already know the best hours of the day to shoot outdoors, but you also have to consider unpredictable winds and fog when shooting from several feet above the ground.
  3. Gain a new perspective: Low-altitude drone photography challenges even the most experienced photographer. You have more variables to deal with, including height, distance from the subject, and angle, so you'll need to develop an eye for compositions that are manipulated in three dimensions.

Read the full article on the Professional Photographer Magazine. Also, visit PPA's Drone Knowledge Center, a great resource for everything you need to know about drones.