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May 19, 2016

Be More Insured with PPA

From equipment to liability, medical to dental, PPA has all of your business's insurance needs covered. Did you know as a PPA photographer, you have a world of reduced-rate insurance programs available? Just by being a member, you can opt in to the PhotoCare program which covers up to $15,000 of equipment! 

In addition to PhotoCare (or PhotoCare Plus if you want to go above and beyond the $15,000), PPA offers programs to make sure you're covered with business general liability insurance through Lockton Affinity. You can grab a quote to see what you could save at This insurance can protect you and your business from bodily injury and property liability, real or alleged faults in your work that result in bodily injury or property damage, liability of personal and advertising injury. It's not the sexiest business topic to cover, but you know you need it to stay prepared. And through Lockton, you're covered for up to $1 million!

And as small business owners, it's important to have medical and dental insurance available for both you and your employees! PPAexchange is designed with you, the photographer, in mind with a diverse range of options, decision making assistance and more! Take a look around and see what best suits your company's needs today!

Explore the range of insurance options through PPA and see what you can save as you become more protected!

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