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August 30, 2021

August Blog Roundup: Overediting, DIY Backdrops, & 10 of the Most Expensive Cameras Ever

Can you believe how fast this month went? It’s already time for another installment of our monthly blog roundup, bringing you a handpicked selection of business and photography-related tips and advice. Keep scrolling to find inspiration and information to help you grow!

5 Money Moves to Make 10 Years Before You Retire

If you're 10 years away from retiring, take these key steps to make sure your finances are in check for when you make the leap. Here are five ways to prepare your finances, according to experts.

Studio Portrait Tutorial using a $30 DIY Backdrop from Home Depot

Want to create creative portraits without breaking the bank? Check out this video by photographer Eli Infante to see how you can do just that with only $30 and a quick trip to your local Home Depot.

12 Creative Photography Project Ideas to Get You Motivated

It’s always good to be involved in a photography project, and in this article from Digital Photography School, you’ll find 12 project ideas, including 52-week projects, 365-day projects, and more.

Social Media Importance: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Prioritize It

Every business or professional can benefit from understanding why it is important to prioritize social media when it comes to reaching their audience and strengthening their brand. Read more here.

The Rarely Discussed Reason To Shoot Raw

This Fstoppers article from photographer Joe Loper details his argument for using raw files versus photographing in JPEG. Longevity, Loper says, is more important than files sizes and editing. Find out why.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Photos in 2021?

This informative video breaks down photographers’ potential earnings on several different stock photography websites. After all, who doesn’t like a little extra cash in their pocket? Watch the video here.

How To Paint Vinyl Backgrounds for Food and Product Photography

Need an easy way to elevate your food and product images while on the go? Check out this article to learn how you can create your own vinyl backgrounds for use in your photography.

Why A Content Creation Strategy Must Include Getting On A Blogging Schedule

As part of your strategy, it’s important to determine a cadence. How often should we create content? How often do we update it? And how do we distribute it for maximum exposure? Find the answers here.

5 Warning Signs You May Be Over-Editing Your Photos

“When I first started editing my images in Lightroom, I would always end up pushing my photos way too far from a post-processing perspective and would usually end up with images that contained many if not all of the five signs of an over-edited photo,” photographer Mark Denney says. “Some of these signs are more easily identifiable than others, but any one of them can turn your great photo into an over-edited nightmare.” Read more here.

Flat Lay Photography – How to Make Yours Stand Out from the Rest

Just as its name implies, flat lay photography means a photograph where the subject/s are arranged on a flat surface and photographed from above. It is also sometimes called the bird’s eye view. See examples and get tips on creating this type of photography with this article from Digital Photography School.

10 of the Most Expensive Cameras Ever

Unique, weird, one-of-a-kind… From the camera used on the moon by Apollo 15 astronauts to a diamond-encrusted Canon Powershot, these cameras have some of the heftiest price tags. See the full list.

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