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January 17, 2020

Are You Ready to Improve Your Photography Career in 2020? Then You Need to Check out the Articles in This Roundup

Who’s ready to dive headfirst into elevating their photography business?? If you’re ready to see how you can stand apart from other people within your field, then you need to check out these articles:

Photographer’s Paradise

This page by GadgetFlow might actually be your favorite from the list because instead of words, this page is covered with photography gadgets to help improve your career. It’s basically an excuse to window shop for incredible photography gear that you didn’t even know you need until now.

Even if you don’t buy the products for yourself, you could always recommend the site to photographers trying to take their business to the next level or you could bookmark the page for when you're ready to explore what it has to offer. To see more of the photography products, make sure to click here.

10 Top Professional Photographers Give Their Best Networking Tips

In this SLR lounge article, Amii & Andy Kauth, turned to 10 top professional photographers to learn about their networking tips and tricks that have helped them in their careers thus far.

Some of the tips are so straightforward that you’ll wonder why you haven't started using them. For instance, if you’re trying to avoid surface-level conversations with people at networking events then you need to read what photographer Nicole Chan does. Instead of engaging in those types of discussions, Chan guides the conversation into asking the client about their passion projects so that she can be genuinely engaged in the conversation.

It’s little tips like this that can improve your networking skills to where you retain meaningful relationships with your clients. To read more on what you can do to improve your networking make sure to head over to the article.

20 Photography Goals for 2020 (plus 4 more!)

What are your goals for 2020? In this Cole’s Classroom article, Teresa Milner is going to leave you inspired for what the new year has to offer. To make the list easier for you, Milner has divided the goals by how far along you are in your photography journey.

For those of you who are beginners in photography, Milner has recommended that you learn 3 new functions, settings, or buttons about your camera. If you’re an experienced photographer/ business owner, then this is going to be the year that you get your contracts written and in order.

Find out what other ideas Milner has for your 2020, by reading the rest of this article!

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Staying on top of photography trends is the only way to stay one step ahead of your competitors.In this Expert Photography article, Craig Hull shares how to create images that will help you stand out among the other images in your category. He also goes one step further and gives you tips on how to achieve these photos.

One of the trends that might surprise you is that vertical images are going to be taking the photography industry by storm. Hull says that this trend is “definitely due to smartphones since each image you capture is automatically vertical unless you turn it sideways.” He also expects to see more of an emergence of minimalism. “The more minimal you can make your images, the better.”

Discover the rest of the expected trends in photography here.

10 of the best career podcasts to listen to in 2020

What if you could work on your photography dreams during your morning commute? In this theLadders article, Rachel Weingarten offers some of the best career podcasts to listen to this year. Whether you’re trying to improve on your grasp on the economy or have your toughest career issues answered directly from experts at the Harvard Business Review there will be something for your business to benefit from. What are you waiting for head over to the article to see what podcasts you need to start this year!

Get ready to start the new year and decade of your business on the right foot with these articles. To find out other ways to improve your career this year, make sure to explore the collection of articles that PPA has to offer. Don’t forget to join PPA today to receive all of our other resources for your photography business!

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