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November 22, 2019

Are you Putting Enough Attention to Detail in Your Photography? It’s Time to See How Consistent Your Work Really Is

How important is attention to detail? Well, in photography, it can make or break the audience of your work.

Consistency is Key

In this FStoppers article, David Justice explains why consistency through photo selection, retouching, and style is crucial to photography. If any one of these steps is disturbed it can make your photos look confusing or misleading. Justice goes on to argue that “having a consistent style keeps people coming back for what they like from you.”

Without being consistent you wouldn’t be able to accurately show off who you are as a photographer. Every correction, edit, and selection helps your audience see the subject of your photography through your perspective. Justice says, “by having a consistent style and body of work you are telling your clients: this is what I do; this is what you will get from working with me."

Consistency should always be at the forefront of your mind when completing a piece. Why wouldn’t you want every aspect of your artwork to be perfect down to the minor details? If you feel like you could improve the consistency of your work, then head over to this article to see what other advice Justice has to offer.

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