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October 26, 2016

Are You a CPP? Yeah, You Know Me!

If you're a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), there is some big news for you! 

PPA relentlessly seeks to educate consumers on the value of hiring professional photographers through the See The Difference® advertising awareness campaign. It specifically drives consumers to the site, the PPA search engine that connects people with photographers in their area!

A recently-added feature on this platform is the option to search solely for a Certified Professional Photographer; see the new button on the right:

find a photographer certified cropped.png

Once you click the Certified button, the page connects consumers with CPPs nationwide, as well as educates consumers on questions to ask a Certified Professional during the hiring process. Consumers will also find a short video that empathizes with the overwhelm that they sometimes feel when trying to make the best choice!

Currently, there are nearly 75,000 unique monthly visits to the website and search engine. Now those 75,000 potential clients can hone in on you! To make the most of your presence and visibility on this search tool, make sure your Find-A-Photographer profile is enabled and up-to-date. 

Log on to and scroll down to the Find-A-Photographer section, then click "Enable your Find-a-Photographer profile."

Then simply click on "Click here to enable your profile."

And you're all set!

Now sing it from the rooftops, and make sure all your potential clients are also down with CPP. To learn more about becoming a Certified Professional Photographer, visit


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About the author :

Lisa Sharer is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Professional Photographers of America. As a Creative Writing graduate, she loves any chance at getting pen to paper. When she's not being creative in the workplace, she can be found skating with the Atlanta Rollergirls or volunteering with the Weloveatl Project. Or really - snuggling with the dogs.