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April 29, 2024

April Recommended Reads: Car Camping, Comedy Wildlife Awards & More!

Catch up on the latest in the photography industry and beyond! 

House Passes TikTok Ban Bill: What It Means for TikTok Users
The House of Representatives, led by a Republican majority, passed legislation on April 20th that will ban the popular social media app TikTok in the United States if its Chinese owner does not sell its stake in the next year.  


How a Photographer Captured His Spectacular Dream Eclipse Photo
How Canadian nature photographer, Liron Gertsman captured one of the best solar eclipse photos PetaPixel  has ever seen.


The Basics of Car Camping for Photographers (and Others!)
Car camping can give you tons of flexibility when you travel, a plus for photographers with a taste for adventure!


The Comedy Wildlife Award Competition
Now accepting submissions. Check out the gallery of previous award winners for a good, hearty laugh. 


Ghosts in the Field 
Capturing the devastation caused by a plant pathogen on the ancient olive trees of Salento, Italy, Murray Ballard’s project traces the impact on the region’s past, present and future.


11 quick spring photography tips
In this tutorial we’ll share some of our best spring photography tips to help you make the most of your ventures out with your camera.


10 Tips to Take More Interesting Wildlife Photos
Wildlife photography is one of the most demanding forms of photography because so much is unpredictable. At times, there are only fleeting moments to capture the shot you want. Sometimes the mentality of “just get any photo” can get in the way of capturing more intentional, artistic, and interesting photos. The ten tips in this article will help you avoid falling into that trap.


Is Access to Key Photographic Locations a Growing Concern?
As iconic landscapes attract more visitors each year, issues surrounding access, preservation, and management arise. This article delves into the factors contributing to the potential loss of access to these sites and explores perspectives from both landowners and photographers.


Important Photography Lessons We Can Learn From 'Tish'
Lessons from the life of Tish Murtha, documentary photographer.