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April 25, 2023

April Recommended Reading List: Developments in AI Technology, Photo Bombs, and more!

It’s nice to stay informed on the developments happening inside your industry and this month was anything but boring. Here are the April reads for photographers!

Artist Refuses Prize After His AI Image Wins at Top Photo Contest
Mario Cruz withdrew from the Sony World Photography Awards after his entry, which was created using artificial intelligence, won the top prize in the 'Open' category. Read more about the controversy surrounding AI-generated art and the debate on whether it should be eligible for photography awards.


How to Avoid Being Scammed as a Photographer
Photography scams are becoming all too common these days! Protect your business with these helpful tips to recognize and avoid common scams, such as fake client inquiries, fraudulent online marketplaces, and phony photography contests.


AI for photographers: Is AI-generated content the future of photography marketing?
Artificial intelligence tools, including image recognition, editing, and enhancement is making photography more efficient and accessible for some, as these services are integrated into a photographer's workflow. Discover how AI technology is transforming specific areas in the world of photography.


Are Photography Conventions Still Relevant?
What are the benefits of going to a photography convention in the digital age? This photographer gives insight into the ways technology has changed the way photographers learn and connect with each others and the various ways to stay engaged. 


5 Common Brand Mistakes That Remote Workers Make
Read about the 5 most common branding mistakes remote workers make. Use practical tips and strategies to enhance your brand image and stand out in the digital marketplace. 

Game-changer for smartphone photography: Xiaomi 13 Ultra unveiled with a sprinkle of Leica magic
The Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera specs has some advanced camera features like 8K video recording, AI image processing, and night mode.


These are social media’s most complained about cameras
Which cameras that generated the most customer complaints in the past year? Learn more about the most common issues reported by users based on a survey of over 5,000 camera owners.


Photo Bomb Wedding Reception Trend
Tired of boring table shots at receptions? Try this trend instead. 

New Adobe Lightroom AI innovations empower everyone to edit like a pro
Learn about the new features, including Super Resolution, powered by Adobe's Sensei AI technology, which enables high-quality photo upscaling, and Guided Edits, which provide step-by-step instructions for creating popular editing effects.