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April 29, 2021

April Blog Roundup: Inspiration at Home, Outside, & Online

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your photography. Nature provides no shortage of subjects for you to capture this time of the year; the leaves are back on the trees,  flowers are blooming, and the world is abuzz with renewed life. But you might be surprised to find just as many opportunities for creative photography within your own home!  

This month’s blog roundup features articles about finding inspiration no matter where you are. Plus, don’t miss the guide to optimizing your website for voice searches, which makes your business even easier for potential clients to find. And get this: you can now experience the Louvre’s entire collection online… no ticket to Paris necessary! Keep scrolling for this month’s featured stories.

52 Things You Can Photograph At Home

Believe it or not, your home is “brimming with photographic potential.” Find 52 things you can photograph at home and try capturing one image a week for a year! This article is packed with ideas and colorful examples of how to photograph everyday objects in new and unique ways.

Lockdown Projects: Shoot Liquid Color Abstracts From The Comfort of Home

Learn how to use everyday objects in your kitchen to create vivid and colorful works of art and find tips on how to capture them creatively with your camera with this article from Digital Camera World.

The Louvre Just Put Its Entire Art Collection Online so You Can View It at Home for Free

Experience one of the most famous museums in the world without ever leaving your home! The Louvre in Paris recently made its entire collection available online, giving you the chance to be inspired by more than 480,000 works of art ranging from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and textiles.

As Numerous As The Stars

The night sky has inspired artists and scientists alike since the dawn of time. With modern cameras and lenses, photographing the Milky Way has never been easier. Read Digital Photo Pro’s technical guide to pinpointing the Milky Way and capturing it in photographs (and don’t miss the stunning examples included in the article).

15 Mountain Landscape Photography Tips for Stunning Images

“Of all of the undertakings you can make with your camera, mountain landscape photography can be one of the most rewarding,” writes John McIntire for Digital Photography School. Find advice on capturing the beauty of mountains with these 15 tips for landscape photography.

Pet Photographer Reveals How Adorable Dogs and Cats Look From Below

See how photographer Andrius Burba’s unusual approach to pet portraits produces adorable (and often hilarious) results. Even if you’re not a pet photographer, these photos are sure to make you smile! Check out Burba’s work and read about his process over on My Modern Met’s blog.

Artistic Versus Technical Photography Skills – What is Holding You Back?

“Photography is an inner game. Everything about who we are is expressed in our photos,” writes Anthony Epes for Digital Photography School. “You can ask 100 photographers to photograph the same scene and they will all pick out different elements, they will all work on different parts of the scene and they will all end up with different images.” Find tips and inspiration for taking your photography to the next level both technically and artistically.

Voice Search Optimization – A Beginner’s Guide For 2021

According to Google, voice search is used for 27% of queries on the internet, with 32% of the American population using voice assistants monthly. Learn how to optimize your website and its content for voice search with this insightful article on

The Best April Fools’ Day Photography Jokes of 2021

Need a laugh? Look no further than this list of photography-related April Fools Day content, including a camera lens rice cooker and a teaser for Sigma’s mirrorless camera phone (which might actually be a real product…).