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March 08, 2018

Answers to Your Questions About Copyright Small Claims!

As you know, it's time to take action on the small claims bill! It's called H.R. 3945 and it advocates for the creation of a process that will allow photographers and visual artists to seek damages if their work is infringed upon. Email your Congressional representatives to support this bill:!

If you have questions about what exactly small claims is, we've got answers! 

Earlier this week, PPA CEO David Trust and Government Affairs manager Sidra Safri got on Facebook Live to help you understand just what small claims is, why it's so important, how it will help you as a photographer, and how close we are to making it a reality! Take a look:

Video timestamps:
00:56 What is copyright small claims (HR 3945)?
01:22 Is this small claims "court"? If not, what is it?
02:09 Is this process as expensive as Federal Court?
04:23 Why can't I seek damages for infringement in my state's small claims court?
05:32 Please explain the "voluntary" clause in the small claims bill.
07:05 Are there any limits to how much I can claim? Do my images need to registered with the Copyright Office first? What if they aren't?
09:33 Is there a filing fee in this small claims process?
10:38 Please explain the importance of sending letters to my Representative. Didn't we do this already for another bill?
11:27 Please explain what's happening now.
12:14 How long does it take for me to send a letter to my Representative?
12:44 Is HR 1695 related to this bill?
13:27 Where is the small claims bill (HR 3945) RIGHT NOW?
14:35 What do co-sponsors have to do with this bill? How many do you have, and why do you need me to contact my Representative?
15:12 Is this bill bi-partisan??
17:06 Why can't PPA do this alone? Who are the threats to this bill?
18:00 Can I just sit back and wait for someone else to send a letter?
18:31 How can I send a letter to my Representative? Is it super easy? Does it really take 42 seconds to do? 

As you see, we're at a very critical time; we need all PPA members and supporters to urge their Congressional representatives to support this bill. You can easily email your representatives using the form at and ask them to support H.R. 3945!