Anne Geddes wants you to join her on her next photography adventure!


Hi guys, it’s Anne Geddes here with a special message for my fellow photographers. 

We all know what the market is like out there right now – it’s tough - so many of you have been affected, myself included. In fact you may be surprised to know that I haven’t been able to create any of my “iconic” images of babies since 2015, because it’s just not financially viable for me to self-fund the shooting of a range of new images, when as soon as they’re released they’re up on the internet for free. And a lot of creatives are feeling the same pain.

But I want to be back in the studio doing more of this work, and also continuing to make a difference. Here’s what I’m doing about that, and I wanted to share my story with you. And if you love my work - I need your help.

Would you like to become one of my supporters (or patrons) and I’ll take you along on the adventure with me? You'll share my creative world - see how I come up with the ideas - how my props and costumes are made - what it's like shooting in the studio, etc., and you can check out all the many other benefits at my Patreon link.

Join me in creating 12 new images for a beautiful calendar (I'm bringing calendars back!) and I’ve pledged to donate all of my royalties from that calendar to March of Dimes, an incredible organization devoted to fighting for the health of all mothers and babies (I happen to be their ambassador). So we get to have creative fun together, and also make a difference – perfect! 

It may also help you with your own creativity and ideas because you'll also be a member of my private Facebook Supporter/Patron group, where you can have more personal access to me. I'll be posting lots of behind-the-scenes, and stories about how I made those memorable images over the years.  Ask questions - we can share stories - and there are lots of other benefits, including a monthly live chat Q&A. Check it out and consider joining the family so we can all make a difference together!

XO Anne