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April 03, 2019

All Eyes on You: Put Yourself Out There with Faces of PPA!

Everyone knows that PPA is here for photographers.  We are constantly encouraging our members to be more. In the spirit of exposure and promotion, we created a program that recognizes our members, veteran and new, called Faces of PPA.

Faces of PPA is an ongoing campaign to show off the professional photographers behind the cameras all over the world. It’s a way for you to learn about your fellow PPA members and to let them learn all about you.

Creating a Faces of PPA profile is a simple and quick.  Here’s how.

  1. Log on to your PPA member account
  2. Navigate to the Faces of PPA page
  3. Complete the profile as thoroughly as possible.
  4. Once approved and published, your profile will be located on the Faces of PPA page
  5. Share your profile on your website, social media, and any other outlets that fit your business model.

Best of all, your Faces of PPA profile might be featured in Professional Photographer magazine! Each month, one photographer is selected from the Faces of PPA gallery and printed in the award-winning magazine, which is distributed to thousands of subscribers. We can’t guarantee you’ll be selected… but we can say that submitting a great picture of yourself holding a camera that is in print-quality resolution, and submitting thoughtful answers in your profile, certainly help your chances!

So go on and get creative! Your Faces of PPA profile is a way for you to market yourself, your photographic work, and most importantly, your photography business. The Faces of PPA gallery is only open to PPA members, so if you’re not a member yet, join PPA now become part of Faces of PPA, as well as get member discounts, insurance, education, and more!