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June 03, 2019

Advice on Starting a New Direction, Presenting Your Products,  and Other Hot Photography Topics on theLoop

Networking is the best way to meet other photographers, get advice from experienced professionals, and to improve your business through recommendations. Since photography can be an individualized industry, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and befriend other photographers. That’s why PPA created theLoop, an exclusive social network only for pro photographers!

theLoop is a friendly community in which you can share your struggles and stories. Hundreds of discussions happen every day covering topics including gear, education, business practices, and everything in between! You must be a member of PPA to take advantage of theLoop. The good news is PPA membership is only $27.92 a month and comes with a wide variety of benefits that over 30,000 PPA members take advantage of every single day!

After you're done joining, scroll through the hottest discussions happening now on theLoop:

Advice on Starting a New Direction
This photographer is hoping to get some advice on how to start and grow a headshot photography business. Got some tips?  

How Do You Present Your Products?
In this thread, this photographer wants to know what your style is when it comes to showcasing your artwork and products online. Share yours and check out what others are saying.

What's Your Best Way To Get Models To Pose For You For Free?
This photographer is just starting out and wants to know where to look for models who would pose for free? Do you know?

So as you see, theLoop is a great place for PPA members to connect with each other, share information, get constructive criticism, and receive help when needed. Become a PPA member so you can “stay in the loop”.

Already a member?  Head over to theLoop to see what everyone’s buzzing about!